• Trading and Investing

    What is day trading/ swing trading? Yves Hofstetter1 day ago·5 min read Day trading is the selling and buying financial tools and buying or selling them within the same day. Short-term action and lower timeframes are used to execute strategies based on indicators and trigger signals. Whereas swing trading is the buying and selling of… Read more

  • Why using a Stop-Loss is crucial while trading?

    The most common misjudgment of volatility always happens when people think using a Stop-Loss is not necessary. A Stoploss is a trigger that takes you out of a trade because the trade outcome is negative. This trigger will take out the value you decide and convert it into your standard currency. Using one effectively means… Read more

  • How to start a business with cryptocurrencies

    How to start a business? March 2020. The pandemic was raging through Europe and forced me to go into the home office. Due to the insane amount of extra time, I thought to myself: how to start an online business? The answer is, there are thousands of options. There are many ways to make money… Read more

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