About Me

I am Yves

My name is Yves Hofstetter, and I am a crypto-fanatic. In early 2020 I became an active investor and trader focused on cryptocurrencies and every business opportunity this still tiny market can provide. This blog is a collection of my experiences of what works and what doesn’t. Trading is my self-taught hobby, and since my start, I have been successful in what I have been doing. On my way, I met many that gave up on trading in the first few weeks because they didn’t see an initial return. This gave me the spirit to help my closest friends out by giving them tips. Now I am here to take on that journey for you too. Join me!

This blog should add value to your trading by learning what I do. Strategic thinking and precise work will help you become the best trader or investor you want to be. By no means is this financial advice, nor should my educational content be used as such.

Owner and Founder of Stetterrings.com, Student at University of Zurich and Blogger

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