Precious Metals are flying, let me help you find an entry

Good morning fellow traders,

With Silvergate and the Silicon Valley Bank collapsing last week, the new week will likely bring a lot of FUD and scare-mongering in the markets, fulling further macroeconomic uncertainties. As asset classes have all been trading lower in the past year, inflation is increasing to new all-time highs, and war waging in Ukraine, retail investors have already had a tough time keeping their money safe, now even the banks are collapsing, exposing even the banking sector to market risks. It is tougher than ever to keep your money safe, where do you store your values?

Understanding the macroeconomic factors, it makes a lot of sense to look at precious metals, to diversify your portfolio but also for trading. I like to trade in the same direction as the fundamental economic principle of an asset is applied. Precious metals have historically been a hedge against uncertainty and inflation , and with the downfall of Silicon Valley and its flagship banks, there hasn’t been a better time to look at the shiny metals. Also, Gold and Silver have been trading in their respective ranges for more than a year now, being oversold as we speak, with all that in mind, let me help you find an entry for this potential trade opportunity!

Silver presents itself with more clear entry points than Gold .

Here is my Game Plan for Silver:
– Further consolidation around the resistance of 20.85
– Clear push above 20.85 and nearly touching 21
– Pullback onto 21.90
– Further consolidation of price between 20.80 and 20.95
– Entry upon price going through 21
– Stop: 20.6
– Target 1: 21.3
– Target 2: 21.9

I will be trying to skim most of my profits on Target 1 as precious metals did not have an easy start into the year and I am not 100% convinced so far that retail investors will panic into precious metals in a big way, for that to happen, we need a big bank going under in my opinion. But we could catch a move of spooked investors trying to save their money from further downside in the legacy markets.

With all this FUD in the markets, it is more important than ever to understand why checklists for trading are important to have, they prevent you from entering the market at the wrong moment. Be sure to follow me on my Tradingview for more checklists and ideas coming up this week.

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Have a great day champions!


6 responses to “Precious Metals are flying, let me help you find an entry”

  1. Great insight on the potential trade opportunity presented by Silver in the current economic climate. Your clear entry points and targets make it easy to follow along. Looking forward to more of your ideas and checklists.
    Joanne Tomlinson

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  2. Loved it.
    Here is what I think of it
    Great insight on the current market situation and valuable advice on diversifying investment portfolios with precious metals. Your clear entry plan for Silver is informative and helpful for traders. Thank you for sharing and looking forward to more of your ideas.
    Thanks, Ely


  3. Great analysis and insights on the potential trade opportunity in silver. Precious metals have historically been a hedge against uncertainty and inflation and it’s great to see a possible entry point for traders. Thanks for sharing!

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